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Learn about Coach Carmine Garofalo and how he can mentor you to achieve your goals and dreams.
Carmine Garofalo's Mission

"To be a mentor and make a positive difference in people's lives
 by helping them achieve their goals and dreams"
Carmine Garofalo has spent the last 35 years doing what he is most passionate about; making a difference in the lives of those he touches.

Mr. Garofalo is a former high school Teacher, Collegiate Volleyball Coach and Certified Financial Planner.  He is a health advocate and the creator of a number of inspirational, motivational and personal growth programs. 
Coach Carmine Garofalo. coach, Motivational Speaker and Business Mentor can help you achieve your goals and dreams
Learn how The Freedom 5 Team can help you achieve the American Dream!
As a former Financial Planner, Mr. Garofalo understands that many people feel that "The American Dream" is no longer attainable.  Passionate about helping people find a way, he has spent more than two decades looking for simple and risk-free ways that would allow friends, family and former clients to achieve their dreams.  Having found the perfect vehicle more than 12 years ago, Mr. Garofalo has created the “Freedom 5 Team” to coach and help ordinary people make their dreams a reality in their spare time.
Healthy Fundraising programs that offer Healthy Snacks and Green Product Fundraisers
Concerned about the poor health of our nation and especially the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in our children, Mr. Garofalo created Healthy Fundraising USA and Healthy Fundraising Canada; Fundraising programs committed to providing schools and other non-profit organizations Healthier Fundraising Solutions, Healthy Snacks and Environmentally friendly products to inspire and motivate our children to make healthier nutritional and lifestyle choices.

Involved in the Health and Wellness industry for more than 20 years, Mr. Garofalo is a Health Advocate who loves teaching people how to live healthier, longer and more vibrant lives.  He has partnered with a premier wellness company and one of the top 100 E-Commerce businesses to provide people superior quality, safer and more affordable products than they can get at their grocery store, pharmacy or health food store.
Inspriational and Motivational quotes, 5 Principles of Success and Dream Believe Achieve programs inspire, motivate and help you achieve your goals and dreams.
Mr. Garofalo is the creator of The Five Core Principles of Success program.  In combination with his Dream-Believe-Achieve motivational and inspirational program, he is helping in the fight against Bullying and helping people build the self-esteem, confidence, vision and skills necessary to become masters of their own destiny and to live a happy and successful life.

Mr. Garofalo is currently working on developing his Inspiration-Motivation-Education website, blog and newsletter.  This exciting program will not only inspire and motivate people daily, it will also educate and provide people the skills, tools and knowledge to create and live the life of their dreams!
For speaking engagements, coaching or additional information about any of our programs, contact Coach Carmine personally at:
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